There’s a lot to be said for being able to simply open your door and set the kids loose outside. For little ones, the freedom to play in their own garden is important. There are memories to be made and games to be played, and as long as safety is considered foremost in your Wellington landscaping design, your little ones will be free to roam the yard to their heart’s content.

Because kids are naturally curious and active (able to outrun us at the worst of times), it’s important to provide them with a safe outdoor play area. In today’s article, we’ll look at a few ways in which you can keep your Wellington landscaping design child-friendly.


Child-friendly flora

The possibility of a plant being poisonous doesn’t really come into play until you see a toddler chomping down on its precariously-coloured petals.

Don’t panic. We’re here to help you pick the right sort of flowers that your little ones can enjoy, even if they are accidentally ingested.

If you already have a garden full of mature plants, consult a Wellington landscaping specialist to help you ‘weed out’ the toxic varieties. Yellow oleander, foxglove, deadly nightshade (obviously), euphorbia species, white cedar, angel’s trumpet and azalea are a few plants to avoid in your yard. If you’re yet to fill your yard with flora, do a little research online, or leave it to a landscaping company to pick some child-friendly flowers, ferns, trees and flax bushes to decorate the space and delight those young, developing senses.


Secure the pool and perimeter

A tall, sturdy and unscalable fence is a good place to start with this childproofing landscaping step. Fences are the ultimate solution for closing off and defining safe space without leaving room for little toes to wander onto roads.

Our country also legally requires pools to be fenced off if they are accessible to little ones. You have two options to meet the safety standards of pool ownership. Either pay for the costly installation of expensive childproof locks on every single door leading outside in your home or simply install a stylish, functional fence around the edges of your pool. Obviously, the latter is the safest and most effective solution. With a fenced-off pool, little ones can still enjoy the garden without requiring your constant supervision to keep them from toppling into the pool.

Remember, installing fencing doesn’t have to result in your garden appearing prison-like. With the right textures, colours and design choices, a Wellington landscaping expert can arrange the fence, greenery and pathways in a warm, welcoming way. You’ll be drawn to the colourful and inviting outdoor space every bit as much as your curious toddler.