1. Enquire

  • We receive your enquiry
  • We reply promptly

2. Meet

  • We meet on site
  • We discuss your landscaping ideas and budget and answer your questions

3. Propose

  • We email your proposal
  • You accept or decline the proposal

4. Plan

  • We confirm your job and send your deposit invoice
  • We allocate you a place in our job queue and keep in touch while you wait
  • We work on your design, drawings, consents, scope and work plan straight away
  • We order your materials, reserve your machinery and equipment and brief your landscaping team

5. Install

  • On build day one, your landscaping team set up on site
  • You’ll see the same project leader throughout your build, with different support staff and specialists coming and going under his direction
  • Our operations manager will keep a close eye on all activities and keep you informed of progress, details and decisions
  • We’ll email your weekly progress payment invoices as we go

6. Voila!

  • We’ll continue to work on your project until it is 100% complete and the result is perfect
  • We’ll email your final invoice for payment
  • You’ll enjoy your fantastic new outdoor space for years to come, raving about us to your friends and family at every opportunity