We’ve all experienced the drama of dragging loads of groceries indoors. Be it a trip from the store to your front door, or a simple stroll from the car, here are a few ways in which landscaping can make the journey more convenient for you.


Whatever the weather

Murphey’s Law dictates that it should nearly always pour down with rain when you need to haul a load inside your home. If thinking about the soggy journey makes you nervous, you need one or both of the following:

A more convenient pathway to your door (achievable with pavers, steps or concrete paths)
A shade sail or awning to shelter you (and your bags)

Employing a professional Wellington landscape designer to improve your trip to the front door is a huge investment. One that you’ll truly appreciate when the weather gets dire. Being able to travel seamlessly from the garage or pathway to the front door without tripping, shining a phone light onto the ground or trapesing mud through your interior is life-changing. With good lighting, excellent paving and pathway design and perhaps a good set of stairs, we can work wonders to get you conveniently and safely to your door.

If you find your trip up or down to your home is often wrought with flooding, talk to your Wellington landscaping expert about some water-management and earthwork improvements that could keep your pathways clear of puddles and floods.


Room to move

Driveways with parking sections and turning bays are bliss for shifting loads between the boot and the front door. If you can back your boot all the way up to the front door, the groceries will practically shift themselves.

You’ll find that more concrete to manoeuvre on makes a world of difference when travelling, too. Wheeling those big cases from the house to the car will be easy on the smoothly-installed surface, and your taxi or Uber driver will appreciate being able to swing in and out of the property without accidentally damaging your outdoor decorations.

For a stylish and visually-stimulating alternative to cement, you might like to shake things up a bit with exposed aggregate as your driveway and parking bay material of choice.