Late summer days and early autumn nights are ideal for relaxing in a hot tub and surveying your kingdom (aka your backyard). Whether you’ve ordered your spa already or you’re eager to see how to make one work with an awkwardly-shaped property, we’ve put together an article that’ll help you make an informed decision on where to position that hot pool.

With the help of some Wellington landscaping wizardry, your spa setup will look less like something that’s just been delivered to your property and more like your own personal and private oasis.


Defying gravity

With clever Wellington landscaping design and a solid foundation, pretty much anything is possible when it comes to creating an at-home spa experience. As long as you have the space and the spa, a savvy landscaper can help you pinpoint the perfect location for it. Should you wish to defy gravity and hover that tub on high, it’s really a matter of preparing proper foundations that are functional, future-proof and fashionable; enhancing the aesthetic of your home rather than detracting from it.


What are my options?

As far as foundations go, you’ve got a few options for your spa which include the following:

  • A concrete slab
  • Your deck (which might need to be reinforced to maintain the added weight)
  • Concrete pavers
  • Or a spa pad (rolled out over a patch of your lawn).

Each option has its pros and cons. Before you fall in love with a particular spot or style of spa setup, please be sure to reach out to a Wellington landscape designer for a bit of advice. The final decision ought to be inspired by the existing structure or layout of your property, your architectural aesthetic, and (of course) your budget. One of the above options will be perfect for you and your family, and a clever Wellington landscaper will help you find which one that might be (without any costly ‘trial and error’ events).

Always start with your budget and make your way from there. If you haven’t already purchased your spa, you should consider the cost of installing it first and foremost. Collect quotes from a Wellington landscape designer before you shop. While the cost of an attractive installation might be pricier than the pool itself, you’ll be grateful for the investment when it comes time to enjoy the overall experience.

For example, it’d be very affordable to simply plant the pool down on a flat patch of grass by your house, but how much more romantic would it be to have your pool tucked away in a private corner of your property? Why ‘hop’ in the spa when you can escape to the spa? Picture the pool surrounded by elegant fences and greenery, walled with beautiful wooden frames for you to perch your favourite drinks upon, and finished with its own ascension of stairs.

So, plant the pool or escape to the pool? We know which situation we’d prefer.


Privacy, views and accessibility

As we eluded to above, additional features to the ‘spa pool experience’ might include any of the following:

  • Fences and gates for privacy and security (and added safety in case little ones try to access the ‘big kids pool’)
  • A sunshade/sail positioned over the pool to shelter you from the elements while you relax
  • A pathway or set of stairs across which to access your spa (if is situated away from your house)
  • A wooded or paved deck around the rim of your spa for added seating and drink or snack storage
  • And a changing room or walled-off section (if your spa is situated away from your house or beside a floor that’s awkward to walk in and out of with wet feet).