Scape Goats have built hundreds of decks in the last 3 years and the most common question our clients ask us is “Should I stain my new deck?”

In New Zealand, decks are most commonly built with treated radiata pine, which offers great value for money.

Treated pine doesn’t necessarily need to be treated again, but there are two main benefits in doing so. It changes the colour and look of your timber and it can provide UV protection.

Over time the natural tannins and oils in the timber will diminish. You may know this as ‘greying off’ and many people appreciate the rustic look of the natural ageing process.

However, if you prefer the vibrancy of new unweathered timber you’ll find a huge range of oils and stains at most hardware and paint stores.

Tip: leave your deck to weather for at least a season before staining or oiling to ensure best absorption and avoid tackiness.

Incidentally, at Scape Goats we build with pine from NZ’s own sustainably managed forests. Interested in knowing more about NZ sustainable pine?