Privacy walls are becoming a popular feature in Wellington landscaping design. In addition to providing shelter from the elements, privacy walls can avert prying eyes without compromising on the style or flow of your garden. In a city where our properties are usually located on angles that invite our neighbours to watch us hanging out our laundry, it’s important to invest in privacy features such as this. In today’s article, we’ll explore the benefits of privacy walls and their ability to stylishly maintain a sense of privacy in your Wellington landscaping.


Shelter from those wild Wellington winds

A wall of sturdy, tightly packed timber, tree trunks or brick will be just the trick for keeping those wild Wellington winds out of your hair while you enjoy your garden. A Wellington landscaping company can angle a wall or perhaps a section of walls to act as an outdoor shelter for you, allowing you a safe space to enjoy the sun and stars without getting blown across the lawn.

Privacy walls and fence extensions can blend seamlessly with your existing fence or walls. Maintain your gorgeous exterior design elements while enjoying a pocket of sheltered space; here, your delicate plants can grow, and your washing can be hung without taking flight in the next gust of wind.

You’ll appreciate the extra protection during any season. In the summer, you can position your barbecue strategically against your privacy wall to keep those coals nice and hot. In the winter, you can cuddle up against the wall in your favourite deck chair with a good book and a hot drink while soaking up some of that hard-to-get winter sunshine.


Fancy Functionality

If your Wellington landscaping design features a patio, veranda or outdoor entertainment area, a privacy wall could be the perfect addition to complete the look and function of the space. There’s nothing like a tall, elegant wall of wood to properly set the stage for an outdoor meal. A savvy Wellington landscaper will be sure to angle your privacy walls and fences in such a way that ensures you and your guests remain obscured from nosey neighbours and protected from cheeky gusts of wind.

Have some fun with your privacy wall and turn the otherwise plain expanse of wood into an eye-catching feature. A Wellington landscaper could help you hang a string of lights along the top of the wall, or you might like to request decorating your wall with ‘floating’ plants nestled into the wood in sturdy planter boxes.