Whether your garden sits on an intimidating incline or is simply a bland expanse of grass, there’s always room for a little improvement in the landscaping department. Too many homeowners disregard their yard and all the potential it has to offer them for beauty, enjoyment and practicality. Your gardens could be considered wasted space if they don’t see a lot of use or simply cannot be accessed, so how might we improve this situation? Is it possible to get useable space from a staggering slope? Can patchy grass and a neglected washing line transform into your new favourite nature walk?

In today’s article, we’ll tackle two ways in which a little well-executed Wellington landscaping design can transform any ‘wasted space’ into an enjoyable outdoor experience.


Walkways to wander

Look around most neighbourhoods and you’ll see that Wellington landscaping can lack a little in the garden department. You’ll be lucky to see a tree or a smattering of shrubbery involved in most kiwi gardens. Few find themselves making a regular effort to spend much time on their dull patches of fenced-off grass, there’s nothing to see or do there.

Humans are naturally inspired by attractive pathways, so invest in landscaping designs that encourage you to travel around your garden. You might actually find yourself making more use of the otherwise untouched corners of your lawn when you have more pleasant means by which to get to them. If walking to the washing line means passing a pretty array of flowers or gliding up a nice wooden walkway, you’ll find yourself making fewer excuses to dry your clothes outdoors.

It’s important to ensure accessibility for lawn maintenance purposes, too. When you’re easily able to move about your garden with tools and a hose or watering can, you’re less likely to put off weekly watering and weeding. An intelligent Wellington landscape design will provide you with stylish and functional pathways by which you can easily manage the upkeep of your garden.


Level up

Whether our homes loom above a steep hill or sit nestled below one, an awkwardly-angled lawn is probably the most common Wellington landscaping problem. “So much wasted space” we might think, but a Wellington landscaping expert would see great potential in such slopes and impossible inclines.

With precise earthworks and professional levelling, even the toughest incline can be transformed into a useable and attractive space. Like an artist sculpting a particularly troublesome lump of clay, a well-executed Wellington landscape design finds a stylish and functional solution for any sloping section.

A Wellington landscaping expert might carve or create segments from the slope to form flat planes of convenient and useable space. Picture meticulously constructed wooden pink and white terraces cascading down your garden, beckoning you to perch upon them with your morning coffee or afternoon brew. Levels truly elevate a Wellington landscape design; each has the potential to feature colourful flora or comfortable outdoor furniture. Get a little fancy and add a pergola or keep it simple with a sleek stone wall. Whatever the case, the space can be useable and it’s yours to get creative with.